More communities opting to relocate

BY Elenoa Turagaiviu More local communities are choosing to relocate to higher grounds due to sea level rise. Minister for Environment and Waterways Dr.Mahendra Reddy says last year, the Climate Change Unit identified 47 communities to be relocated but there could be more. Dr Reddy says there are places that cannot be protected from seawater inundation despite the amount of seawall erected or protection implemented. He says sea level rise is threatening the existence of the coastal communities adding, if nothing is done globally to tackle it, local communities will continue to suffer and will be forced to leave and resettle elsewhere. Dr Reddy says communities affected by sea level rise and have land available are making the decisions to move and not waiting for government assistance. In most cases, those building new homes are urged to build away from the village and on higher grounds. He assures that government stands ready to assist these communities.

More communities opting to relocate
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