$US1.98 billion needed for Fiji's NDC targets


Labasa, FIJI - October 28, 2021: 5.15pm (FBC News): Fiji will need a $US1.98 billion investment to achieve its enhanced National Determined Contributions.

Fiji’s NDC Investment Plan and Project Pipeline indicates 20 primary mitigation opportunities in the transport and energy efficient sector that need to be implemented to achieve the target of 30 percent emission reduction by 2030.

The recent GIZ Pacific NDC Hub Media Dialogue heard that if implemented, Fiji has the potential of abating 2.722 million tonnes of greenhous gases by 2030.

Fiji’s Climate Change Mitigation Specialist Jeanette Mani says NDC Investment planning acts as a strategy to secure funding for priority actions and having project pipelines and concepts makes it more effective to market the strategy to donor parties to secure funding.

According to the Regional NDC Hub, of the 20 primary mitigation opportunities identified, 11 are in the transport sector and nine in the energy efficiency sector.

In addition to this, 11 secondary mitigation opportunities have also been identified.

Mani says the NDC investment planning process has created awareness amongst stakeholders and provided the policy direction that is necessary to enhance the uptake of low carbon technology.

She adds, that while it has helped to formulate specific projects aligned to low carbon transitioning, it has also provided the direction on how to create certain incentives that will enable this transitioning.

Fiji’s Investment Plan and Project pipeline is awaiting final endorsement from Government.

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