Sea Walls and River Bank structures to be constructed based on urgency

BY Elenoa Turagaiviu

Sea walls and river bank protection structures will only be constructed based on urgency.

Minister for Waterways and Environment Dr Mahendra Reddy says they have set out a process in which they will do this in all the four divisions.

According to Dr Reddy, the due process will be followed, starting from the next financial year.

“Our PS has written to the Commissioners asking them, for each region to list down the seawall, riverbank protection and river alignment work, dredging and all that we need to do – and for each of these, rank it based on importance, urgency – 1, 2, 3, 4! And then what we want to do is pick up all the 1’s next financial year”.

Dr Reddy also reveals that they will now also use nature-based solutions when constructing seawalls and river bank protection structures.

“What we have decided within the Ministry is that whenever we will do seawall work, whether is it through bouldering only, or bouldering and a structural plan – we will also do mangrove planting infront of the seawall and at the back, we will plant vetiver or any other species. So, in the longer run, we will ensure that the seawall or the river bank is protected”.

A little over 30 communities in the Northern Division alone are earmarked to have their seawall constructed by government.

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