About Us

Who Are We ?

PEJN was launched in Tonga in May, 2018 during the Pacific Media Summit and is the Pacific’s network for environment journalists.

PEJN is a product of the COP23 in Bonn, Germany.

In 2017 a group of 10 Pasifika journalists were selected by the COP23 Secretariat for their coverage of climate change stories and issues.

The 10 were guests at the famous German media company Deutsche Welle and attended special training on climate change reporting with the Deutsche Welle Academy.

Out of that came the formation of the PEJN, which was one of the success stories of the COP23.

Our Aim

  • PEJN aims to coordinate and push development of environmental journalism in the region

  • Works with partners: Internews, UNDP, SPREP, PIFS, SPC and others – nationally, regionally and internationally to help develop our journalists and give them opportunities to be able to learn on the job in covering events etc

  • We work with media groups within our region on identifying needs for staff development

  • Work with partners on finding funding for training and development – and run Media workshops

  • Aim to develop Pacific journalists who will tell our stories for the Pacific

  • Link with media organisations around the world to share our stories

Our Members

  1. Tonga

  2. Fiji

  3. Papua New Guinea

  4. Solomons

  5. Vanuatu

  6. Kiribati

  7. Palau

  8. Samoa

  9. Tuvalu

  10. Tokelau

  11. Cooks

  12. New Zealand

  13. New Caledonia

Head Office

Our head office is based on the 1st Floor of Vete Building, Taufa’ahau Road, Nuku’alofa, TONGA.

The PEJN is a registered Incorporated Society in Tonga and is also a member of the Civil Society Forum of Tonga.

Our Board

The PEJN is managed by a Board, which is elected every two years, in accordance to the Constitution.

The current Board, elected in 2018 are:

President/Chairman – Mr Iliesa Tora (Nuku’alofa Times/Tonga Department of Environment)

Vice President – Ms Georgina Kekea (Solomons – Freelance)

Secretary – Ms Elenoa Turnagaiviu (Fiji – FBC)

Treasurer – Mr Ofani Eremae (Solomons – Solomon Star)


  1. Ms Mereoni Mili – (Fiji – Fiji TV)

  2. Ms Florence Junduo (PNG – EMTV)

  3. Ms Anita Roberts (Vanuatu – Vanuatu Daily Post)

  4. Mr Jared Koli (Solomons – USP Journalism)

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